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Stand out by outperforming your competitors with our technically sound and latest updated SEO services. Competitors are not your competitor, they are your success margin. Make yourself their goal that they never can achieve.

Social Media Marketing

Now social media marketing (SMM) is progressing, adapting and becoming a top priority in online marketing resource. Our highly motivated and extensive expert social media marketing team can build an effective social media marketing campaign.

Web Development

The design of a website can be a delicate and complex process. Our web development company is structured and designed to offer your brand a skilled website which attracts targeted audiences, and has a technological framework to support search engine optimization.

Reputation Management

Controlling and managing what others say about your company is our mission here. BD SEO Service will actively cultivate your online reputation by building on credibility and trust. We will crush your competition by our cutting edge service.

PPC Advertising

PPC advertising needs important testing to identify the best way to generate conversions in your company. As a pay per click advertising agency, we are careful to study the industry and to find the best platforms for campaign startups.

Link Building

Building links are the most fruitful SEO tactics and also Googles one of the heavyweights ranking factors. Our focus is to bring your brand in front of the eyes of relevant visitors. To get a lasting result building links is one of the major platforms.


This is a portfolio of SEO projects I have worked on for clients. Some are local businesses and some are large enterprise level companies.

Why choose us?

We are a leading SEO agency in the GTA with affordable pricing for our clients. Our team specializes in providing search engine optimization services to small and medium businesses.

Ranking On Google’s 1st Page

Rank your website on google search result and stay one step ahead of your competitors. Our uniquely talented SEO experts help your website to reach where others only dreamt off.

White Hat Method

We believe in honesty. Which is why we follow white hat method to generate traffic. Our professionals will not only do in-depth research but also choose the best possible way to rank your website.

Qualified Traffic

Without traffic a website is good for nothing. With our SEO expertise we not only bring traffic, we bring you the qualified traffic to propel your business in a new heights.

Just a Click Away

We have developed a user friendly expert team who work 24/7 and always look closely to your reports and analyze it. We always keep up to date about googles latest update and work according to it.

Accelerate Success

With our working process we take your brand to its deserving position faster than you imagine. We can generate targeted organic traffic and take your website to the top in the fastest possible time.

Cost Effective Rate

Despite of our professional expertise we have set an affordable cost effective rate. Everyone deserves to get the best service for their brand and we are here to ensure that. We believe budget should not be the obstacle.

Affordable Website Design & SEO Service Packages

We offer a variety of packages to suit your needs, and our experienced team will work tirelessly to help you achieve your online goals.

"Amazing Designs and Quality Work!"

I can’t emphasize enough how amazing Joanne was. He was organised, patient, and gave me a level of confidence in the organization of my website that I never had before.
John Doe
CEO, Repairmate.

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Find out more about our leadership and how we can help you with your SEO needs.

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